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Since 1875

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About Sesame Paste

Supplied to makers of medicinal products
Delicious and Healthy Sesame Paste
About Sesame Paste

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Senkintan's History

Sanuki Okauchi Senkintan Pharmaceutical Sellers

In the land of Sanuki, where Kagawa Prefecture faces the Seto Inland Sea, the climate is mild, and since long, long ago the scenic landscape has been relatively safe from natural disasters. In that same Sanuki, from the Meiji Era, to the Taisho Era, and up through the war in the Showa Era, spanning over three generations, Okauchi Senkintan sold pharmaceuticals as a part of the Sanuki phamaceutical industry that had spread throughout the nation. The medicine and pharmaceuticals we're talking about are today's home remedies. During this era, Sanuki was called the kingdom of home remedies, and at its peak there were over 300 large and small household medicine manufacturers in the prefecture with the production of home remedies being one of Sanuki's major industries.


Company Overview

Science applied to nature,
clearing the way for a healthy tomorrow.

Senkintan Care's Co., LTD.
Trade Name Senkintan Care's Co., LTD.
Representative Representative Director Okauchi Yuzo
Main Office Address 154-2 Fukuya Kokubunji-cho, Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa Prefecture 769-0103
TEL 087-874-5500 FAX 087-874-5501