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Since 1875

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About Sesame Paste

Supplied to makers of medicinal products
Delicious and Healthy Sesame Paste

First generation Okauchi Yoshimitsu put together "Okauchi Senkintan" in 1870. Thereafter, we proceeded to operate as a medicinal and pharmaceutical supplements maker up to the present, developing natural remedies similar to many medicines. We thought that what one eats is as equally important to good health as medicine and pharmaceuticals. At the root of that thinking, we turned our focus towards sesame, which is also used as a healthy ingredient in natural remedies. About 20 years ago, we developed a delicious black sesame paste to be spread over bread that uses sesame high in nutritional value and can be easily adopted into a daily diet. Moving into the future we will continue to focus on exceptional flavor, as well as healthy elements from the perspective unique to pharmaceutical manufacturers, in seeking to offer products that will satisfy our customers.

Our Delicious Secrets

  • Secret #1

    Drawing out and securing the maximum amount of the sesame's fragrance

    The carefully-selected, high-quality sesame is roasted at high temperatures, in order to sufficiently draw out the fragrance. Next, the sesame that has been crushed on a mortar and made into a paste has its aroma captured and sealed in. As a result, as soon as you taste it, the roasted sesame’s rich aroma spreads gently throughout your mouth.

  • Secret #2

    Creating a smooth food texture

    A decisive factor in creating a smooth paste is in proper use of the grinder that turns the sesame into paste. First, before grinding, we confirm the state of the roasted sesame using physiochemical inspections. We then verify the accumulated data, and use it to decide the necessary space between the two millstones of the grinder. Finally, making use of the experience of our craftsmen, final adjustments are made down to the micron level. With these precise adjustments suited to the condition of the sesame, we are always able to realize a moist and smooth texture.

A Taste Beloved Both at Home and Abroad

Our goods sold in Japanese department stores seemed to draw the eyes of tourists from Hong Kong, so we began selling our products there, too. We gradually expanded our sales to 8 other, mostly Asian, countries, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore. In addition to simply exporting our products, we actually went to each of our sales sites to conduct taste tests and sales, talking to our customers directly in order to use their precious opinions in our product development. As a result of these qualities our products have received high appraisal in numerous countries.