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Haiseki Tea (fast-dissolving)

Sale Price: ¥2800 (excl. tax)

Salicina tea has an effect on stone and is also affected by it.

Since the beech plant, Quercus salicina, dissolves stones that accumulate in it, the plant has been incorporated into folk remedies in Shikoku since ancient times. Haiseki tea is made from Quercus salicina. It has a taste similar to that of oolong tea. Since it is non-caffeinated this healthy tea is also safe for daily consumption by children and pregnant women.
Thanks to the handy tea bag, simply adding hot water will quickly dissolve the thick salicina extract. In addition to being able to make 1 cup at a time, because all it takes is hot water to make, it's convenient to take on the go.

Ingredients: Salicina Tea Made in Shikoku
Quantity/Packaging: 1 pack 1.2g×30 packs/24 cases
Best-By Date: 3 years
JAN Code: 4970928050059