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Black Sesame Paste (no sugar) 125g

Sale Price: ¥600 (excl. tax)

Made to be nutritious and delicious.
Being unsweetened gives it a pure, sweet flavor

The blend of this creamy, mellow black sesame paste uses a sweetener that isn't readily absorbed by the body. This product is highly recommended for those with diabetes or otherwise wish to abstain from eating sugar. Naturally, it goes great with bread, but it also pairs well with hot cakes, crackers, rice cakes, etc.

Ingredients: Black Sesame, Reduced Maltose Starch Syrup, Vegetable Fats and Oils
Quantity/Packaging: 125g/48 sticks (6 sticks×8 cases)
Best-By Date: 18 months
JAN Code: 4970928052374