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Honey & Margarine (165g)

Sale Price: ¥600 (excl. tax)

Best paired with the gentle sweetness and
richness of Acacia honey 

The elegant fragrance of the "queen of honeys" Acacia gently wafting with its soothing sweetness, makes this not only excellent for bread, but also hot cakes, waffles, treats, etc. Compared with normal butter and margarine, it has about half the fat and 30% fewer calories. Using a low trans-fat margarine makes this a delicious and healthy product.

Ingredients: Honey, Margarine & Emulsifier, Sodium Metaphosphate, Spices, Carotene Pigment
Quantity/Packaging: 165g/36 sticks (6 sticks×6 cases)
Best-By Date: 6 months
JAN Code: 4970928050769